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In Search of Lost Technical Close Readings

September 24, 2012

Dear writers: I’m embarking on a study of … the study of technique in fiction. I’m particularly interested in finding highly technical studies that use close reading to deliver a detailed analysis of the way effects are created in the mind of the reader.  I’m more looking for craft/technique than literary theory/appreciation.

Much of what I’ve read so far (for example, in The Writer’s Chronicle) offers a few tidbits of technical analysis and then a lot of aesthetic and moral Theory of Fiction which literature professors are probably better equipped to perform; I’m definitely looking for rigorous technical analysis instead.

I’m not averse to blog posts, articles, or books of plot or dialogue techniques–the screenwriting discipline has some great ideas to offer about plot-structure and dialogue, since that’s basically all there is to a screenplay–but I’m vastly more interested in the way point of view, line by line, word by word, creates the reader’s experience moving through time. (See my previous post for an example.)


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